NY, Mumford

Join us at the 2016 Maple Sugar Festival!
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Start your visit at the Nature Center and walk on the Maple History Trail. As you hike through the recently expanded sugarbush you’ll see more trees tapped with modern tubing and stop at stations to see how collecting sap has changed over time.

Did you miss it last year? Watch steam rise from the evaporator pan and smell the aroma of syrup in the air as you visit our new Sugar Shack and see sap boiled down into delicious maple syrup in a modern evaporator.

Find out how to identify a Sugar Maple tree, how tall they grow and how big and old they need to be in order to tap them.

Try your hand at using some of the metal tools, buckets and spiles used when tapping trees.

Go back in time to the early 19th century and see some of the techniques and tools that early settlers would use to collect sap in order to make it into maple sugar.

See what it’s like to manage sap buckets on a shoulder yoke.

Grab some delicious maple cotton candy or maple popcorn (additional fee).

Experience the 19th Century

Maple syrup is one of the oldest natural sweeteners in North America, and “boiling down” was arguably the only sugar refining process available to Native Americans and early settlers in the north. After you visit the maple sugar camp, head out to the Historic Village and:

Meet the tinsmith and the cooper who crafted the buckets, spiles and troughs used to catch the sap.

See the art of making tallow candles at the MacKay House.

Watch as trees are tapped live on the Village Square (timed throughout the day.)

Taste the delicious 19th-century dishes made with the thick amber treasure of our New York forests.

Enjoy eating at the historic Hosmer’s Inn Tavern.